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Welcome to Aerial Activities

For the purpose of our club we conduct aerial activities inside Europe and specially in Finland. Our members fly for recreational purposes but members are welcome to join to share costs for example skydive-, demonstration- and aerobatic flights. Members are not customers. They are much more. 

Our Passion for Flying

Flying has been a dream for mankind since the day one. We are fulfilling the opportunity to grow with your hobby. Fly more complex planes for more complex operations. Or do you want to fly skydive ops? We got that covered too. Also aerobatics are in portfolio.

Take benefit as an experience member

When joining in as an experience member you will be able to take benefit of the empty seats in the planes our pilots fly. Travel in style and enjoy the business jet schedule with the fraction of the cost. For example Helsinki Tallin takes only 25 minutes and  cost share ticket is only about a 100€-150€ including everything. 

Join the movement

Join the club to get your private flying carreer a new boost!

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